VACANCY: Internship HuizingHarvest Projects.

HuizingHarvest continues to innovate. Do you want to be part of our future projects?
This internship is ideal for a student who is looking for a challenging assignment to complete his/her thesis. (Bachelor or Master degree)

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HuizingHarvest at AGRITECHNICA

HuizingHarvest will be presented at Europes biggest Agricultural Event, AGRITECHNICA. Do not miss the unique opportunity to meet our specialists 10 – 16 November 2019 in Hanover.

You will find us in “Halle 5; Stand D14”.

Our HHX Talks will help you focus on what really helps you or your business. In addition to the HHX Agribotix talks on Friday and Saturday, other topics will also be discussed on the other trading days.
Slow down, take a breath and let our specialists inform you. Our HHX Talks can inspire you in solving difficult challenges.

Our HuizingHarvest specialists have been offering agricultural solutions worldwide for over 10 years and are happy to share their experiences with you!

HHX Talks Program

Opening times Daily 9:00 – 18:00

Sunday 11/10
10:30 HHX Fertilizer
11:30 HHX Modifications / Updates / Recall (mechanic)

Monday 11/11
10:30 HHX Modifications / Updates / Recall (mechanic)
11:30 HHX Fertilizer

Tuesday 11/12
10:30 HHX Independent autsourcing / Quality inspection
12:30 HHX Demotour

Wednesday 11/13
10:30 HHX Combine optimization
11:30 HHX R&D support

Thursday 11/14
10:30 HHX Agrobotix
11:30 HHX Combine optimization

Friday 11/15
10:30 HHX Agrobotix
11:30 HHX Global AG Jobs

Saturday 11/16
10:30 HHX Global AG Jobs
11:30 HHX Seeders


10 years HuizingHarvest

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of HuizingHarvest, we would like to invite you to join the HHX Agrobotix DEMO on September 13th, 2 PM. In honor of this milestone we started the Agrobotix project to learn about robotization in agricultural machines.

Over the last decade, HuizingHarvest has grown from a one-man operation to a global network of agricultural specialist. These achievements were accomplished by our hardworking staff and valued customers. However, this is only the beginning!

We feel excited to welcome you at our company in Emmen (NL).


At, HuizingHarvest takes you through every step of making a track combine autonomous. In the upcoming weeks, you can expect timeline updates from us every day.

HHX Agrobotix DEMO
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GPS navigation application

The software, required for controlling the autonomously operating combine, will be developed by FieldBee. FieldBee is our partner that specializes in tractor GPS navigation applications with a memory stick and other awesome functionalities. The province of Drenthe provided a knowledge voucher that we can use in this project to gain extra information.


Modified hydraulic system

To start with, all old hydraulic valves from China have been dismantled to be replaced bij electrical controlled valves. Only the auger remains mechanically operated for now.

A valve block containing an electrically controlled 2/2 valve and an overpressure valve is to be placed. Because it is an open center system the 2/2 valve is added. Furthermore the valve block consists of four 4/3 valves with adjustable throttle rings in order to control the speed of several components of the machine. (front, reel, steering, engage / disengage machine)

Agrobotix hydraulic system

Make the machine radiographic controlled

From manual to electrical controlled
To be able to control the machine electrical, a temporary remote control is built. Two joysticks with an emergency stop are built in a small device. The small device is connected to the machine by an electric cable. With this device the machine can be controlled forwards, backwards, left and right.

Original situation hydraulic system

Only a Chinese manual is included with the machine, so we have to learn by experiment how the machine works hydraulically.

Hydraulic scheme
A hydraulic scheme was drawn during the first hydrostatic test of the original situation of the machine. After making the first scheme the control valve is assembled, electrically controlled.

Hydraulic system original

Hydraulic pump
When steering the machine, the pressure was missing in the system, a 2/2 valve is built in to ensure that pressure could built up. We encountered an overpressure valve is not present in the Chinese machine, which caused a destructive overpressure in the hydraulic system. The drive of the hydraulic pomp has failed. After completing the hydraulic system, an improved version of the hydraulic scheme was drawn.

Remote controlled Agrobotix


Emergency stops are built in all around the machine. Connected to relays so the machine can be switched off through the app or by pressing an emergency stop. The motor has been converted from a mechanical stopping cable to electrical.

Bumpers have been built up in front of and behind the machine so a person can’t get close to the rotating parts.



Read the digital publication about Agrobotix on

HHX Agrobotix DEMOfield

Keep on growing.

We have sown our own test and demo field in Emmen (NL). Follow the Agrobotix Facebook page to see what’s next.

The combine arrives

This Wednesday morning a truck with shipping container arrives at our location in Emmen. Our technical specialist enters the container to unload the machine carefully. The perfectly new combine starts at first attempt and is driven manually into our workplace.

Our first challenge
“Have the combine harvest our demonstration field on September 13th, 2019.”

Develop a prototype

Think big. Start small. Learn fast.

The prototype is built to test electronics and systems on a small scale. With this prototype, we can increase our own knowledge and learn more about electronics and possibilities. After building the prototype, the electronics, which we put together ourselves, are being tested and assessed for usability.

An app is created by our specialists to test communication between man and machine. The app controls the prototype electronically both forwards and backwards, as well as left and right. During the installation of the electronics we experience what electronics will be suitable for the application.

The prototype contains a small computer with a bluetooth connection which is connected to the app. The computer controls an engine controller. This same computer is built into the combine at a later stage of the project.

GPS is tested in the prototype. A start position and an end point are programmed. The machine navigates error-free from start position to the end point, unfortunately it’s return back to the start position is not accomplished. This test led us to decide to work together with a professional third party for develloping the GPS control. The Fieldbee precision farming application will help us to navigate the combine.

Choose the right team

To be truly innovative, it is important to choose the right team and make sure everyone is involved.

In the Agrobotix project, the specialists gain experience with the different aspects of unmanned agricultural vehicles. It enables HuizingHarvest to innovate existing services to the latest state of technology. After working with the Agrobotix project, the specialists are able to apply or pass on the acquired knowledge of techniques worldwide.

Think big

The crazy idea of ​​building an autonomous machine continues to haunt our talented workers. Can this really be achieved by combining existing materials and techniques? Does HuizingHarvest actually have all the required knowledge? Are our specialists in fact capable of coming to an end product together? Nico Huizing cannot let go of this idea and realizes that HuizingHarvest indeed does have the right team.

To show the world what the capabilities of HuizingHarvest are, we decided to take on the challenge of building an autonomous machine ourselves.

This year, HuizingHarvest is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over the past years, we’ve grown drastically, coming from a one-room office to an advanced two-story building including a workshop and a demo field. This is where the crazy idea started to seem doable. It would be perfect to build an autonomous combine and demonstrate it in September when we celebrate our 10th anniversary! We stopped dreaming and started to THINK BIG; “Which base machine will we order?”

Crazy idea

As in many companies, our team is happy to end the week together. We all know; “The craziest ideas arise on Friday afternoon.”

The future of farming technology is a subject that is regularly discussed by our crew members. Will autonomous vehicles take over the manned work in the future? Are the new autonomous vehicles built in the same way as the current machines? According to our specialists, when you take a closer look at these developments you can also discuss the basics of agricultural machinery.

If you no longer depend on people, you can, for example, let several small unmanned machines do the work as a swarm over the fields, without this affecting the staff deployment. In addition to preventing staff deployment, the use of small machines also brings other benefits.

With a number of precautionary measures, compaction of the soil can be limited, therefore preserving the quality of the soil. Two advantages that apply to Agrobotix are the relatively small axle load and contact pressure. The low weight and large contact surface of the machine’s rubber tracks ensure optimum pressure distribution on the ground, minimizing ground damage.

How hard can it be to build an autonomous machine? We all laughed and agreed that there is only one way to find out.